With our planning services we cover all engineering phases from pre-engineering to detail engineering. We coordinate the consultation with the authorities and make all project-relevant purchases on behalf of our customers at EPC or EPCM contracts. We prepare the complete plant documentation in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations and laws and provide training for plant personnel.


We carry out all process engineering calculations necessary for the design of a plant. This starts with a comprehensive process simulation for general process selection.

Subsequently, all necessary pipelines, apparatus and vessels are calculated and designed in 3D. The piping design is subjected to a stress calculation to exclude inadmissible loads.

In old plants, the existing equipment is tested for suitability for the new operating parameters. Strength calculations and process engineering simulations are also carried out here.


Based on our many years of experience, we advise our customers in the decision-making process right from the concept phase. We consider all parameters important to the customer, such as feasibility, process selection and investment and operating costs.

We carry out risk and safety analyses for all project phases and examine existing plants and assembly operations.

We develop and test existing fire and explosion prevention concepts and optimize existing plants. We always focus on the latest state-of-the-art technology and apply the currently valid laws and regulations.