Natural Gas and Crude Oil

  • Sour gas
  • Sweet gas
  • Crude oil
  • Crude oil associated gas
  • Off-Gas

EPC has several years of experience in Engineering for water / oil separation and dehydration plants of all types of natural gas.

Especially for natural and associated gas containing H2S, exznsive measures must be taken for the safety of personnel and environment issues. All relevant rules and guidelines are followed and continuously checked for acurateness. The facilities enforce and abide by these restrictions. In total, we have planned and completed over 50 sour gas plants for our customers.

Sour gas dehydration plant – TEG absorption – for 40.000 m³/h(Vn)

Sour gas dehydration plant – TEG absorption - for 40.000 m³/h(Vn)

Sour gas dehydration plant – TEG absorption – for 40.000 m³/h(Vn)

Process engineering

  • Absorption with TEG, DEG
  • Cryogenic extraction (CFA, LTS)
  • Adsorption plants
  • 3-Phase-Separation

Our company masters all different types of natural gas ehydration processes. It specializes in the selection of optimum process and plant design considering natural gas composition and field of application.

For oil separation plants EPC plans the optimum process and design of all vessels considering the desired oil, water & gas qualities.

Plant types

  • Gas dehydration plants
  • Oil separstion plants
  • Compressor stations
  • Gas storage facilities

Our core business includes the planning of all types of gas dehydration plants, such as field plants for natural gas production and dehydration plants on pore or cavern storage facilities. EPC plans oil separation plants, compressor stations for gas fi eld compression and natural gas storage from machine selection to complete periphery design including C & I and system control.

Special requirements

  • Mercury removal
  • Deep desulphurization
  • Off-gas treatment

In addition to the general processes for natural gas and oil treatment, EPC develops solutions for the removal of specific impurities, such as mercury and traces of H2S, and for the off-gas treatment by means of combustion or recompression.